Après Vanilla Bourbon Flavored Dessert Wine Making Kit (Limited)

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A new limited release for 2022, Après Vanilla Bourbon Flavoured Dessert Wine is rich and smooth. Notes of warm, rounded cherries and plums that exemplify the traditional dessert wine character are elegantly elevated with warm vanilla and smooth sweet bourbon aromas and flavour. Excellent on its own or with any dessert, this wine will drink amazingly within a few months and will age with the best of them.

The Apres Series are our specialty dessert wines. They are phenomenal for finishing off an evening and are very compatible with fortifying (adding brandy or cognac) which can be done on-premises prior to bottling. Each kit takes 6 weeks from starting until bottling and gives you approximately 30 wine bottles of wine (375ml). You will get more bottles if you fortify it, depending on the amount of the additional liqueur. This Dessert Wine will be Excellent within three months, it will age gorgeously if you can keep any that long!

Food Pairings: Delicious on its own or with any dessert, or served with toasted nuts or shortbread.

Alcohol: 17.5% | Body: Full | Oak: Medium | Sweetness: Sweet

Yield: 3 gallons.

Bottle Labels included.

Customizations: None of these wines are “watered” and therefore provide a very dense, flavourful batch of wine. You can add a variety of oak types if you prefer different aromas and flavours. We can sweeten any wine to fit your taste. A wide variety of shrink caps and labels are also available to put a professional finish on your wine, or ask us about custom labels.