German"A" Style TOF Coupler

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An important piece of draft beer equipment, the keg coupler connects the gas tank to your keg. The CO2 travels through your beer line, which is attached to the nipple on the side of the coupler. The pressurized gas the enters the keg and pushes your beer up through the coupler and into your beer line that goes to your faucet.

German beers are in a class of their own. So it’s only fitting that they’d call for unique draft beer equipment. This slider-style beer coupler is made for the German A System keg valve. This TOF brand coupler comes complete with US standard output fittings and an A system input for an easy connection to your existing keg.

With a body made from nickel-plated brass, this A System coupler has a 304 stainless steel probe — the part that is inserted inside the keg. Every part of this coupler that comes into contact with your beer is made of stainless-steel. This high-end material ensures durable performance and a high-quality pour with no added metallic taste.

This 100% stainless-steel contact A System coupler will fit many German beers, including Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, Spaten, and a number of German-made pilsners. If you’re looking to serve Beck’s or St. Pauli Girl, you’ll actually need a European Sankey (S System) coupler instead. If you’re unsure of which system your German beer uses, look it up using our complete keg coupler list: