Jarrylo Hops (Pellets)

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Let get one thing straight, Jarrylo is not an IPA hop. Or at least it wasn bred that way. Paired with a crisp Pilsner malt base, Jarrylo shines with banana, pear, orange, and fruity spice.

Despite its upbringing estranged from the IPA cool kids, Jarrylo offers complex fruit flavors that make for a very unique Pale Ale and blend seamlessly into an IPA. Indeed, this is how commercial brewers have chosen to use it.

Pronounced Yar-i-lo after the god of fertility, we recommend using Jarrylo monogamously at first. Simple, crisp brews are ideal for showcasing this unique, pleasant hop.

Alpha acid: 16.3%
Cohumulone: 35.4%
Beta acids: 7.2%
Colupulone: 59.63%
Total Oil: ~3.6 mL / 100g