One Step Cleaner

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One Step is an excellent oxygen based, no-rinse hard surface cleanser designed for brewers and wineries. Contains no chlorine, which can leave a film on glassware and corrode stainless steel. Requires two minutes of contact time, no rinsing required! Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

What is One Step?
One Step is the only environmentally sound, non-toxic, no-rinse cleanser on the market today for brewers and wineries. Unlike other cleansers that require rinsing because of their alkaline nature or that use material that can be harmful to the environment, One Step—the original no-rinse cleanser—uses active oxygen to clean your equipment.

In addition to being designed to minimize residue and while maximizing detergency, One Step uses oxygen entrained within a mineral crystal that dissolves when combined with water. The oxygen is then released to form hydrogen peroxide—a compound long known for its sanitizing and disinfectant abilities. The hydrogen peroxide completes its work and then degrades into oxygen and water, leaving behind only the minerals that are stable, naturally occurring compounds—no different than minerals often found in drinking water.

Because One Step is essentially non-foaming when used at the recommended concentration, it may be used in clean-in-place (CIP) systems as well as in the soak tank. One Step may be used on, essentially, all surfaces and is safe for brass, copper, aluminum and stainless, as well as polycarbonate and vinyl.

Soaking and Manual Washing:
Dissolve 0.5 oz per gallon of water. If heavy soils are present, 1–2 oz will boost detergency but remember to rinse to remove residue as well as soil. If surfaces are visibly clean prior to washing, no rinsing is necessary.