187ml Clear Champagne Bottle

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Mini bottles galore! The adorably sharp, yet still functional 187 ml Clear Champagne Bottles are made of flint glass and have a pry-off or crown finish. These champagne bottles are suitable for highly carbonated drinks, barley wines, sparkling wines, meads, and champagne. Their small size makes them a great gift for parties during the holiday or as wedding favors and décor. Better yet, use them as a sample bottle for your homemade brews or experimental wines.

Classic clear glass champagne bottles can be sealed with a #7 cork or a normal crown bottle cap. These bottles can be capped with a crown, corked or fitted with a champagne stopper and wire hood. Once capped, finish your bottle with a unique branding opportunity by adding one of our custom labels printed right in our store.

Finish: Cap Required (Sold Separately).

Sold in Cases of 24 Bottles Only