32oz Amber Growler

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Perfect for sharing w/friends & taking your special brew to summer parties. Constructed of amber-tinted glass, this growler protects your favorite craft brews from harmful UV rays, preventing them from getting spoiled. With a 32 oz. capacity, your friends will be in good supply of your signature brews, and when they do need a refill, they're sure to come back! A convenient handle makes it easy to hold and transport, which is perfect for allowing friends/customers to take home their favorite brews. Refillable and reusable, this growler is eco-friendly and can be used to fill beers, cold brew coffees, or kombuchas right from the tap time and time again. The 32 ounce beer growler uses a standard 38mm screw top closure and is made in the U.S. with amber glass and a flat bottom.

Once capped, finish your bottle with a unique branding opportunity by adding one of our custom labels printed right in our store.

Finish: 38mm Cap Required (Sold Separately).

Sold in Cases of 6 Bottles Only