American "Sanke" "D" Coupler, Twist on, Low Profile

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Dealing with close quarters inside your kegerator or refrigerator can be a pain when trying to tap your keg. One economical space-saving solution is switching to a low profile keg coupler to free up room around the top of your keg.

The Low Profile D System keg coupler from Perlick features a unique design with a flat head and beer and gas line connections on either side of the coupler to avoid having lines sticking up from the top of the coupler. The lines attach easily over the threaded barbs for a secure and easy-to-access connection, and the low-profile design makes it possible to stack kegs on top of each other when tapped to save space inside walk-in coolers. 

Featuring 100% stainless steel construction, this keg coupler will stand up to the rigors of connecting numerous kegs without breaking down or corroding. 

This keg coupler uses the US Sankey (D System), which is the valve system of choice for just about all beers brewed in North America, including Budweiser, Michelob, Busch, Miller Lite, Coors, Sam Adams, Labatt, and more.