Chugger Pump XCPSS-IN-1 Single Phase ODP Motor

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  • New Run Dry Carbon Bearing Material (X-Dry Run Dry Protection). Inlet 1/2" MPT and Outlet 1/2" MPT Allows Configuration for Any Application; 1/20 HP (.04 HP) .029 KW; Motor Only: 1.7 Amps; Motor and Pump: 1.9 Amps; Motor Amp Rating: Full-Load Amps (FLA); This is NOT a Self-Priming Pump. Head Needs To Be Flooded w/ Liquid Prior To Being Turned On.
  • ETL-Certified; Food Compliant Materials; UL Recognized; Sturdy 115-Volt (50/60HZ) Booster Pump With 55" Electric Cord with plug; Non-Submersible; Comparable to March 815-SS-Beer Pump
  • Transfers Flow of Hot and Cold Liquids Between Brewing Vessels or Kettles; Cools Wort Via a Counter-Flow Chiller; Recirculates Ice Water for Quicker Chilling; Circulator Pump with 316 Stainless Steel Front and Rear Housing; Made by Brewers for Brewers
  • Light Enough to Be Portable; High-Quality Stainless Steel Pump Head Eliminates Stripped Threads; Head is Interchangeable with Existing March Pump Motors; Magnetic Drive with Base, Teflon Thrust Washer, Clear Silicone O-Ring, and Ryton/Teflon Impeller
  • Max Flow Rate of 7 GPM 26.5 LPM; 18.6-Feet 4.1M of Max Head to Handle Back-Pressure; Device is Capable of Handling Liquids of Different Temperatures Up to 250 Degrees F