European "G" Style Coupler

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Nothing’s worse than having a fresh keg but not having the right coupler to tap it. Pick up this G System keg coupler so you'll have the draft beer equipment to serve up a unique option. This beer coupler comes complete with US standard output fittings and a G system input for an easy connection to your existing keg.

Simply put, your draft beer dispensing will be a failure without the right keg coupler. On any draft beer system, the coupler, or keg tap, allows the gas tank to supply pressurized CO2 into the keg. You attach the bottom of the coupler to the keg valve, the gas line to the side hose nipple, and the beer line on top of the coupler. When in use, the result is beer being pushed up the beer line toward the draft faucet.

With a body made from nickel-plated brass, this G System coupler has a 304 stainless steel probe – the part that is inserted inside the keg. Every part of this coupler that comes into contact with your beer is made of stainless-steel. This high-end material ensures durable performance and a high-quality pour with no added metallic taste.

Please note: this coupler includes a standard handle, rather than the European handle, for greater ease of use.

This 100% stainless-steel contact keg coupler fits all G System keg valves for beers like 1/2 kegs of Anchor (¼ and 1/6 kegs use the D System coupler), Boddingtons, Fuller’s, and Watneys. Since this is not the standard US keg type, make sure your beer uses the G System.