Palisade Cryo Hops (Pellets)

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Palisade® Cryo Hop Pellets add moderate bittering and pungent, fruity, earthy aroma to your home brewed English and American ales.  An aroma variety with Tettnang parentage, bred in the Yakima Valley. Very pronounced and pleasantly fruity, non-citrusy, aroma with earthy undertones.

Use for aroma and moderate bittering additions in American or English ale styles.

Hop Details:

  • Usage: Whirlpool / Dry Hop
  • Flavor Descriptors: complex floral, herbal and grassy aromas in addition to flavors of nectar fruits and citrus.
  • Alpha Acid %: 13-15%
  • Total Oils: 2.4%
  • Typical Beer Syles: IPA, NEIPA, Pale Ale, DIPA