Red Tubing - 5/16" ID X 9/16" OD Thick-Wall

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Bevflex 5/16 ID X 9/16 OD Beer Line Hose. Red to often used to indicate gas hose, but this line also works great for liquid. We also carry this hose in Blue for identifying liquid applications.  American Made, dual durometer (see description below) tasteless and odorless hose for superior liquid or gas delivery. This is commercial quality, American Made hose is also NSF rated and perfect for commercial or home applications. This hose is twice the thickness of some hoses offered by other companies. Sold by the foot.

  • Dual Durameter - This refers to the two layers of the hose.  The inside layer is clear and is a harder durameter so it will retard permeation of the flavors and odors from the liquid being dispensed.  The outside layer is red and much more flexible.  The combination of the two give the best compromised of protection coupled with flexibility.
  • This hose is NSF rated.  NSF is an international organization dedicated to verifying the safety of food safe products
  • Phthalate Free 
  • Bevflex 204 hose is widely used in the draft beer industry.  It is manufactured in the United States