LalBrew® Diamond Lager Yeast 11g - Lallemand

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A lager strain in the truest sense, Diamond Lager yeast originates from Germany. This yeast is well known for its hearty character and capacity to produce clean, authentic lagers. An excellent choice for a wide range of styles--Munich Helles, Vienna Lager, American Pilsner, Oktoberfest, Shwarzbier and California common--just to name a few. Lallemand's Diamond Lager exhibits high attenuation and high flocculation, with neutral flavor and aroma, characteristic of traditional Lagers.

  • Beer Styles: Lagers
  • Aroma: Neutral
  • Attenuation: High
  • Fermentation Range: 50-59°F
  • Flocculation: High
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 13% ABV

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