Mesquite Smoked Malt - Briess®

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4° L. - Upfront earthy mesquite, slightly sweet (less sweet than Briess Cherry Wood Smoked Malt).  Smooth Mesquite Smoked Malt delivers a mellow mesquite smoke flavor without the harshness that mesquite can deliver.

 Produced using mesquite wood.

The result is an unique, enzyme-active specialty malt that contributes pronounced smoke and upfront earthy mesquite flavor with some sweetness and is surprisingly smooth.

Use in a variety of beer styles to develop complexity or rich, robust smoky flavor:o Scottish Aleso Smoked Beero Porterso Bamberger Beero Rauch Bock

5-10% Noticeable smoke character in lighter styles such as Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests

10-20% Pronounced smoke character in lighter styles like Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests

30-60% Noticeable to pronounced smoke character in darker styles like Stouts and Porters

Briess Mesquite Smoked Malt delivers pronounced smoke flavor. We recommend limiting usage to 60% of the grist.