Shirron Inc. Wort Plate Chilller

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The Shirron Wort Plate Chiller is a classic plate chiller similar to what professional breweries use on a scale perfect for homebrewers! This unique plate chiller uses a combination of 316 stainless steel and copper sheets to make a watertight seal that can help get your wort down to pitching temperature in no time! Standard 1/2" NPT fthreading is used on the wort side, with standard 3/4" garden hose threading on the water side. Temperature and efficacy are based on a number of factors, such as groundwater temperature, wort temperature, tubing size, flow rates, and gravity feeding versus pumping. A pump is recommended for use immediately before the Shirron wort plate chiller in your chilling setup, and chilling is generally adequate at a flow rate of 0.75 to 1.25 gallons per minute. Chill your wort quickly with a plate chiller from Shirron!


  • Chills wort faster than traditional immersion chillers
  • A plate chiller perfect for homebrewing!
  • Stainless steel and copper construction
  • Can use with pump, or can be gravity-fed


  • Construction: Stainless Steel and Copper
  • Thread Sizes: 1/2 in. NPT (wort), 3/4 in. garden hose (water)
  • Width: 12.37 in.
  • Height: 1.25 in. (threads add 3/4 in.)